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MARPs Tool


Designed and developed the Most at-Risk Populations Sampling Design Tool

Issue: UNAIDS and the HIV Surveillance and Surveys technical working group wanted to develop some sort of Most at-Risk Populations (MARPs) Sampling Design Tool to assist new practitioners in making formative research decisions.

Solution: We designed the project, developed a functional prototype then built the tool using input from subject matter experts worldwide. The web/CD-based tool is currently in CDC/ADS review and hosted on a development site at

“Thanks a bunch… it's really a great product.”
- CDC, HIV Surveillance team lead

“I used the MARPs Sampling Design tool for my conference presentation in Bucharest. It was shock for them… the idea of having an algorithm-Internet based tool for sampling design. They really liked it. I plan to use it again in Moscow.”
- Medical Epidemiologist, Senior Service Fellow/CDC

“It's a great online tool and there is a growing demand for such a tool in the field of HIV surveillance, particularly in developing countries.”
- Visiting Scientist, University of California San Francisco



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