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Designed, developed and introduced the HIV Monitoring and Evaluation Curriculum

Issue: This project had been in development for three years, but nothing was finished. There was basic disagreement on the manuals' content, format and use. The funded contractor was providing participants with a handout of slides instead of a readable participant manual. The use of slide handouts does not support human capacity development in developing countries or provide usable M&E reference materials. Instead, providing slides creates a permanent need for outside assistance and instructors.

Solution: We were able to:

  • instruct the contractor on why/how to develop a participant manual
  • provide a Design and Standards Manual to guide the project and provide a consistent product
  • develop participant manuals for three courses, needed when there was a lack of progress
  • review/give feedback on a fourth course, the last in the series, developed by the contractor.

In addition, we proposed an M&E knowledge management system as an alternative way to present content. This was not implemented due to lack of funding.

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