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Project-managed design and development of Java information/training curriculum designed to increase knowledge of and interest in Java

Issue: IBM wanted to increase interest in Java and their own software solutions by providing free Java web-based training.

Solution: We developed a series of web lectures for IBM Network Computing Software Division, hosted on www.ibm.com.

We analyzed needs, created a character to explain Java (Dr. Java Bean), then worked with IBM technical experts to develop the course content for a total of 9.5 hours of web-based information.

  • Introduction to Java for Cobol Programmers (1 hr)
  • Java for C/C++ Programmers (1.5 hrs)
  • Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans (1 hr)
  • Introduction to Java Server Pages (1 hr)
  • Introduction to JavaOS for Business (1 hr)
  • Java.io Streams Overview (2 hrs)
  • Java Database Connections (2 hrs)

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