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Analyzed training needs and design for startup company

Issue: Aptegrity was a start-up managed service provider for large commercial websites. Aptegrity was growing rapidly and needed a way to orient and train employees then keep everyone “on the same page” as processes and standard operating procedures were developed in this new area of business.

Solution: We determined employee knowledge requirements by role: entry-level and senior Internet engineers, salespeople, managers. Proposed a Knowledge Management System (KMS) for use for initial training content, refresher training or reference material. Developed KMS learning object preliminary design requirements and seven training topics as samples:

  • Web 101
  • Methodology Overview
  • How to Generate Sales Leads
  • Specifying and Estimating Incremental Enhancements
  • How to Lead a Discovery Session
  • How to Write a SOW
  • Roles and Responsibilities

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