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Supported the Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey

Issue: The Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey (KAIS) was a first-of-its-kind project so no ready-made training materials were available. Kenyans were not only to be asked to respond to a household survey with questions about their knowledge, habits and behavior, but also asked for an on-the-spot blood draw. The blood was then to be sent to the National Reference Laboratory for testing. For the first time ever, results were to be returned to participants, making the KAIS not only a “data gathering” exercise but also a way to strengthen HIV and sexually transmitted disease public health efforts in Kenya.

Previous efforts in Kenya were hampered by a lack of information on the survey so an excellent Communications Plan was needed. In addition, thousands of specimens were to be delivered to the National Reference Lab. Much thought and planning were needed on how the specimens would be handled, in what order they would be tested, what staffing would be needed and how results would be turned over to healthcare counselors who would meet with respondents.

Solution: We worked with a government representative to fully develop the Communications Plan. Working with lab experts from the Association of Public Health Laboratories and CDC as well as local staff, we developed a detailed National Reference Lab manual that explained the survey in an easy-to-read format then provided standard operating procedures, timelines, step-by-step processes and job aids.

“Many thanks! It’s great that you’re going to your daughter’s wedding… but when are you coming back?”
- HIV Officer/Kenya National AIDS and STD Control Programmes

Award: 2008 CDC Honor Award for Partners in Public Health Improvement


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