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Taught math and science with the Peace Corps in Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific

  • At Pilolevu College, taught high school English, hygiene, biology, geography, algebra. For the first time ever, Pilolevu students scored number one in the kingdom on the national exams. Five of my science students went to nursing school. Developed course materials, provided liaison with donor organizations, trained local teachers.
  • At Siu’ilikutapu College, organized a new library, trained librarians.

When we announced a move from Ha’apai (Pilolevu location) to Vava’u (Siu’ilikutapu location), Pilolevu’s headmaster wired ahead to the Siu’ilikutapu’s headmaster:

“Great teacher coming your way. Meet her at the wharf when she arrives.”
- Headmaster, Pilolevu College


Pilolevu College students     Royal Palace, Tonga


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